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Film industry went through tough times all over the world during pandemic. Theatres were shutdown and audience switched to ott content in a big way. Hindi film industry suffered even more as onslaught of Hollywood and cinema from south India started snatching pie of theatrical business.

Things took even more ugly turn when ‘Boycott Bollywood’ agenda caught like wildfire. There were critics, trade experts, exhibitors, distributors and some elements within the industry who wrote obituaries of Hindi film industry. Hyperbole reporting of numbers of films from different region made things worse. But then came Shah Rukh Khan with Pathaan and burnt all these nonsense to ashes. 2023 proved to be a golden year for Bollywood as films like Pathaan, Jawan, Gadar 2, Animal did massive business and regional industry suffered big time and relegated to background.

But in middle of this a new ‘pandemic’ has spread its wings across the industry and that is called infamously ‘samosa’ critics/ journalists/ trade persons.

How To Identify “Samosa”

This term ‘samosa’ was given to some selected social media journalists who gained fame in last few years due to birth of social media. Their job is to take money for every post of every film. They spend on their social media to get more social media traction. One can judge holes in their social media interaction easily with basic digital medium knowledge.

Their job is to attend screening, interviews and events (now even fly to shoot locations abroad) of the particular film and sing unreal praises for the film or actor whoever has paid them.

When “Samosa” Wore 3D Glasses

There were embarrassing instances which exposed such individuals. For example, trailer of one particular mythological big budget film was panned by audience on social media and producer/ director of the film showed these ‘samosa’ same trailer in 3D and asked them to praise the film. They went on shamelessly to praise the film defying audience’s verdict. Ultimately film turned out to be disaster. They are forced to do as ‘rate card’ already been agreed upon and payment has been made.

“Samosa” Always Try To Be Honest And Neutral

The whole existence of ‘samosa’ depends on perception of their social media followers. They try to be very honest but their inconsistency is always visible. They enter in premiers which are ‘only’ for cast in order to feel special and privileged (this writer has seen one so called ‘top young journalist’ struggling his way through in one such cast & crew screening last year which was NOT meant for media). They will not admit such stuff in public as they blabber about ‘self respect’.

There are few ‘fan turned journalist’ or paid so heavily by one PR or one actor or one producer that they shiver calling a big budget sequel of big action film flop that too massive manipulation in numbers by that film. But they will throw mud on other actors. They will invent terms like ‘organic booking’ or ‘inorganic booking’ or ‘corporate booking’ to malign the industry. On contrary, these bulk/corporate bookings are going on for decades since 3 Idiots. Almost every big film resort to this and there can be few malpractices in certain films but calling out few selective big films or smaller/mid size films is totally pathetic to say the least.

They do not have audacity to call certain ‘regional’ industry for manipulating collections of 3-4 films back to back. These ‘samosa’ try to be very neutral but they lick actors in every interview and don’t dare to ask one tough question.

Who Invented These “Samosa”

“Although many think the samosa originated in South Asia, its roots can be traced back to Central Asia & the Middle East. In Arab cookbooks dating from the 10th to 13th centuries, pastries were referred to as ‘sanbusak,’ derived from the Persian term ‘Sanbosag. The samosa has embarked on a remarkable journey, leaving its mark in various corners of the world. From Egypt to Libya, and from Central Asia to India, the triangular stuffed pastry has earned widespread fame under different names.” (It was about REAL SAMOSA)

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But ‘samosa’ of our industry was invented around 2019-2020 and they became vogue from 2021-2022. PR, invented it and few producers and few actors backed it financially. Their job starts from first look and one can see their ‘over enthusiasm’ around ‘specific’ film. To be honest, every one takes financial favours to run business and there is no harm but the issue arises when one goes on about ‘3D glasses’ to paid trip to set of the film and then write story about it by calling the film as biggest of the year etc. Trust us, we have been offered such generous glasses and trips but we try not to watch even basic media show or premiers to avoid ugly situations on Friday.

Next time you find a ‘samosa’, have it with splash of sauce, don’t eat them as main course (seriously)!

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