When Jacob Elordi said no to Superman audition: Too dark for me

When Jacob Elordi said no to Superman audition: Too dark for me

Jacob Elordi, known for his role in the series Euphoria, revealed that he turned down an audition for the iconic role of Superman. The actor’s blunt response while speaking to GQ was, “Well, they asked me to read for Superman. That was immediately, ‘No, thank you.’ That’s too much. That’s too dark for me.” 

In a world where many actors would jump at the chance to don the cape and become the beloved Man of Steel, Elordi’s comments make it crystal clear that he’s not your typical Hollywood star. He openly declared that the realm of superhero movies is not where he sees himself, preferring to craft content that deeply resonates with his own personal tastes. 

“Not particularly, no,” he admitted. “At this stage in my life, I don’t see myself having any interest in that. I like to make what I would watch, and I get very restless watching those movies.”

In addition to his rejection of the Superman audition, Elordi candidly discussed his previous work, including his role in The Kissing Booth series, which brought him fame. He revealed that he didn’t have any interest in those movies before making them, describing them as “ridiculous” and “an escape.” 

Elordi’s reluctance to embrace certain roles, despite their success, has led to criticism and accusations of pretentiousness. In response, he asked: “How is caring about your output pretentious?” 

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