Vijay Antony’s previous statements on suicide goes viral

Vijay Antony, whose daughter passed away on Tuesday morning in a suspected case of suicide, often exhorted people to remain strong in the face of adversities. The actor and singer, who lost his father at a young age to suicide, was someone who urged people to avoid taking the extreme step, even in the face of adversities.

“No matter how painful life gets, or the kind of difficulties you might have to go through, never commit suicide. It is heartbreaking for the children. My father took his own life when I was 7 and my sister was 5. I have seen how difficult it was for my mother after that and the hardships she has gone through,” Vijay Antony had once said during an interview.

He had also spoken about suicidal tendencies in youth and children. “Some people have these thoughts due to their financial situation, others when they feel betrayed by a person they trust. Among children, it is the pressure of studies. They are sent to tuition immediately after school. Remember, you aren’t even giving them time to think. Please don’t do that. Allow them some time to be free. As for adults, I want them to love themselves rather than be obsessed over wealth and success.”

Vijay Antony’s daughter Meera was found dead at the actor’s residence in Chennai. There are reports that she was battling depression for some time now.

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