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The Iron Mask Full Movie| Arnold latest movie|Jackie Chan latest movie| 2020

The Iron Mask is a full Chinese action movie in 2020. The Iron Mask, a new movie starring Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The Iron Mask fantasy movie stars are Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Iron Mask Official Trailer (2020) Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger Fantasy Movie HD


Cast Of The Iron Mask

  • Jason Flemyng … Jonathan Green
  • Xingtong Yao … Cheng Lan
  • Anna Churina … Miss Dudley
  • Jackie Chan … Master
  • Yuri Kolokolnikov … Peter The Great
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger … James Hook
  • Rutger Hauer … Ambassador
  • Li Ma … Witch
  • Charles Dance … Lord Dudley

    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
  • Paul Allica … Commandant Milbridge
  • Vilen Babichev … The Leader of the Thugs
  • Ruslan Bankovskiy … Foreign ambassador
  • Narupornkamol Chaisang … ZomZom
  • Chayanit Chansangavej … Dr.Belle
  • Barret Coates … Tower Guard

Released Date

The film will be released in the United States under the title The Iron Mask on April 10, 2020.

What is The Iron Mask?

The Iron Mask, originally titled Viy 2: Journey to China is a Russian-Chinese fantasy film that opens in the United States through the Universal Pictures distributor. It is directed by Russian filmmaker Oleg Stepchenko and is a sequel to the 2014 Stepchenko Viy movie. The film was inspired by the 19th-century horror novel Viy novel Nikolai Gogol about a devilish creature with long eyelids.

While the previous adaptations of Gogol’s Viy were geared towards horror, Stepchenko’s films acquire a more box office style similar to Harry Potter or Jumanji. The first film was a great success in Russia, raising the equivalent of $ 34 million in US dollars at its national box office. It was later released in the United States under the title, Forbidden Empire. His success encouraged producers to go big for the sequel, hence the cast of Schwarzenegger and Chan.

Both films are starring Jason Flemyng (X-Men: First Class) as Jonathan Green, an 18th-century cartographer. In Viy 2 / The Iron Mask, Green embarks on a trip from England to China with Cheng Lan (Helen Yao), a Chinese traveler who acts as Green’s bodyguard. The film also stars Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, Godzilla: King of the Monsters) and the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) in one of his last screen roles before his death in 2019.
World-renowned action heroes Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger also appeared in smaller roles than the trailers meant.
Jackie Chan plays an elderly kung fu wizard who comes face to face with Captain James Hook (Schwarzenegger), an English sea pirate apparently inspired by Captain Hook of Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie The hook is a collector of historical relics, as evidenced by his reluctance to let Jackie Chan use any of his weapons in his fight.

Outside of Russia, Viy 2 also had alternative titles such as Journey to China: The Mystery of the Iron Mask, The Mystery of the Dragon Seal: Journey to China, and simply The Dragon Seal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Jackie Chan in The Iron Mask trailer

It’s been a long time since the last update of Journey to China: The Mystery of the Iron Mask, now simply titled These films, but the movie will be released in the UK next April and now we have our first breakthrough. The highlight of the footage is that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan are suffering in the Russian-Chinese fantasy sequel to The Forbidden Kingdom. Watch the trailer below …

The film stars Jason Flemyng (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), repeating his The Forbidden Kingdom roles as Jonathan Green and Lord Dudley with the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) making an appearance posthumous It was directed by Oleg Stepchenko from a script he wrote with Alexy Petrukhin and Dmitri Palettes.