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Shah Rukh Khan has stamped his authority at box office as he is set to become first actor to deliver 500 cr domestic and 1000 cr worldwide grossers back to back at box office in single year. He himself has broken all records of his previous release Pathaan in matter of 7 months with Jawan!

Shah Rukh Khan ruled with such authority that he alone collected 2700 crore worldwide gross and 1400 crore nett in single year! But this all mayhem started with one film Pathaan, exactly a year back!

It has been a year since Shah Rukh Khan made his much-awaited comeback with Pathaan, the action spy thriller that not only revived his career but also boosted the confidence of the Hindi film industry. The film, directed by Siddharth Anand and co-starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, was released on January 25, 2023, amid high expectations and fan frenzy.

Pathaan, which marked the next chapter in the Yash Raj Films (YRF) spy franchise, delivered on its promise of being a high-octane entertainer with stunning visuals, thrilling stunts, and a gripping plot. The film revolved around Pathaan (Khan), an ex-armyman turned undercover agent who gets caught on a mission. He has now returned to save his country from a former R&AW agent Jim (Abraham) who has turned rogue after he was wronged by his own people.

The film received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised Khan’s performance, Anand’s direction, and the chemistry between the lead actors. Pathaan also featured a cameo appearance by Salman Khan as Tiger, another popular spy character from the YRF universe. The film opened to a record-breaking Rs 55 crore in the Hindi version alone on its first day, making it the highest grossing first day for a Hindi film at the time of its release. Its Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions brought in additional Rs 2 crore on day one.

Pathaan went on to become a global blockbuster, earning over Rs 1,050 crore at the global box office worldwide. It was also the first Hindi film to cross the Rs 400 crore and Rs 500 crore mark in the domestic market that too after the pandemic. The film’s success was a huge relief for the Hindi film industry, which was struggling to recover from the losses and challenges caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns. Pathaan proved that there was still a huge demand for big-screen entertainment and that the audience was ready to embrace Hindi cinema once again.

Pathaan Came After Professional And Personal Setbacks For SRK

For Khan, Pathaan was a personal and professional triumph, as he returned to the movies after four years since Zero (2018), which was a critical and commercial failure. The actor had also faced a lot of media scrutiny and public backlash when his eldest son Aryan Khan was arrested in the Mumbai cruise drugs case in 2021. Aryan, who spent almost a month in prison, was cleared of all charges later. Khan had also made three back-to-back cameo appearances in Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, Laal Singh Chaddha and Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva, which only increased the curiosity and anticipation for Pathaan.

Propelled by a long absence and fans’ desire to give a hero’s welcome to an actor who had gone through professional and personal setbacks, Pathaan, which released a year ago, not only reinstated Shah Rukh Khan’s superstardom but also breathed a new life to the Hindi cinema theatrical business.

Mass Hysteria Around Pathaan And Shah Rukh Khan

For Khan’s fans, Pathaan was a celebration of their idol’s comeback and a validation of his superstardom. They thronged the theatres in large numbers, cheered for his every dialogue and action, and showered him with love and support on social media. Many fans also organised special screenings, rallies, and events to mark the occasion of Pathaan’s release. Theatres turned into stadiums and film became sort of personal victory for lots of sections in film industry as well as common people. It meant like a victory of all the virtues the brand SRK stood for.

They also trended hashtags such as #OneYearOfPathaan, #SRKIsBack, and #PathaanForever on Twitter to express their admiration and gratitude for the actor.

Pathaan also paved the way for more collaborations and crossovers in the YRF spy universe, as the film ended with a cliffhanger that hinted at a sequel and a possible team-up of Pathaan and Tiger.

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Pathaan A Milestone Film

Pathaan, thus, was a milestone film for Khan, his fans, and the Hindi film industry, as it marked the return of the King of Bollywood and the revival of the big-screen magic. The film also showed that Khan was still capable of delivering hits and entertaining the masses with his charisma and talent. Pathaan was not just a film, but a phenomenon that changed the game for everyone involved.

We all are very lucky to witness phenomenon called Pathaan, yes it will always remain very personal to every cinema lover all over.

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