October 19, 2021


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The Eight Hundred

Already removed from its prestigious venue as the premiere of the Shanghai International Film Festival, the war epic “The Eight Hundred” has been further addressed with the cancellation of its scheduled Chinese premiere next week.

In a brief announcement on its official Weibo account, the film said Tuesday night that “after a consultation between the production team and other entities,” “The Eight Hundred” will be canceled. its original July 5 release and cancel temporarily the summer release date window. The new release date will be announced later. “

The statement gave no indication of what caused the cancellation. But China is going through a period of strong social and cultural hardening, and Chinese film censors have been especially active lately to order changes to films or take them out of festivals and the national release schedule.

In addition to the announcement of “The Eight Hundred movie,” an upcoming film whose original Chinese title translates as “Mighty Wishes” announced Tuesday that it would change its title “due to market demands” to “Tiny Little Wishes.” The slogan on the movie poster was adjusted from “Fulfill your wishes” to “Little wishes can also be powerful.” And a television adaptation of a work by Guo Jingming stated that it was named “The Flow of the Beautiful Times” instead of “A River of Grief.”

And on Monday, the Chinese youth drama “Advanced Days” said it would no longer hit Chinese theaters as planned on Thursday. The last-minute “Better Days” was withdrawn from the Berlin Film Festival in February, a fate that was also seen as Zhang Yimur’s “One Second”.

“The whole world is moving forward, while Chinese cinema is lagging behind,” he lamented in a top comment on the “Eight Hundred” Weibo site in announcing the cancellation.

Directed by Guan Hu and produced by Huawei Bros., “The Eight Hundred movie” tells the true story of a band of soldiers who continued their heroic efforts to retain 19 imperialist Japanese soldiers in 1937. Built on a 60 million budget, the action film symbolizes China’s growing filmmaking power, and the story seems to have come together with the Chinese government’s emphasis on patriotism ahead of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic in October.

But just days before the film’s release in Shanghai, a cultural research team criticized it for being too generous in portraying Chinese nationalists, who fought together with the Communists against Japan but were later expelled from China by the Communists. An impending civil war

“We need to make some changes,” a Huawei Bros. spokesman told Variety. “We’re still working on implementing it this year.”