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The Call A South Korean film | 2020

The Call (Korean: 콜; RR: Cole), also known as Call, is a 2020 South Korean thriller film directed by La Chung-hyun, starring Park Shin-hee and Zion Jung-seo. Based on the 2011 British and Puerto Rican film The Caller, the call revolves around Seo-eon (Park Shin-hee) and Young-suk (Zion Jung-seo), two women of different times who are connected by a phone call. Falls by connecting them.

Release date

The film (The Call) will be released in theatrical form but has been canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic. It was released on November 27, 2020 on Netflix worldwide.

The Call Box office collection

  • Worldwide Box Office: $792,958
  • Domestic Box Office: $516,520
  • International Box Office: $276,438

The Call 콜 A South Korean film | 2020 Movie Trailer | EONTALK

The Call 콜


Cast Of The Call Movie

  • Park Shin-hye as Kim Seo-yeon
  • Jeon Jong-seo as Oh Young-sook
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Eun-ae, Seo-yeon’s mother.
  • Lee El as Ja-ok, Young-sook’s mother
  • Oh Jung-se as Seong-ho
  • Lee Dong-hwi as Baek Mi-hyun
  • Park Ho-san as Mr. Kim (Seo-yeon’s father)


In 2019, 28-year-old Kim Seo-yeon lost his cellphone while traveling to visit a sick, untidy mother in a rural area. Arriving at her home as a child, she received a decades-old cordless phone and received a call from a restless woman who said her mother was being abused. After investigating the house, CO-Eon discovered that the woman on the phone, Oh Young-suk, was living in the same house, but in 1999, the two were able to communicate over time by phone and exchange information about their lives. (The Call 콜 A South Korean film) . Young-suk survives with the orphan and his adoptive mother, who is a shaman, although Seo-eon lost his father in the fire for which he blames his mother Eun-a.

Based on information from CO-Eon, Young-suk ran away from home to stop the fire that had engulfed CO-Eon’s father. She is successful, and the reality of CO-Eon has changed: both her parents are alive and well and their home is handsome. Yang-su is punished by his mother and is dissatisfied with the improvement in his life, and his condition is similar.

CO-Eon searched the internet and learned that Young-suk had killed one of his parents at the time of his death. During the next phone call, CO-Yaon warns Young-su, who saves himself and kills his mother instead. Now released, Young-Sook becomes a serial killer. CO-Eon realizes what happened to Young-Suk’s victims at the present time. During a phone call, CO-Yeon confronts Young-Suk, but unknowingly reveals to him that he will be arrested.

In 1999, Yong-suke, an 8-year-old Seo-eon, and his father, who came home, bought it and stopped. Young-suk kills CO-Eon’s father and captures the young CO-Eon. In 2019, the reality of CO-Eon has changed again: his father has died and the house is in worse condition. Yang-sok calls Seo-eon and tells him how to arrest him. At first, CO Eon feeds on Yong-suk’s false information, but Yong-suk later threatens to kill Eun-aye, when CO-Eon enters the local police station for a notebook used in 1999. The same situation, because CO-Eon caused the fire that killed his father first and lied to Eun-A.

CO-Eun gives Yong-suk the right information and his reality changes again: the house is now owned by an elderly Yong-suk, who continues to be a serial killer. The contents of the notebook also changed, with Eun-Aye coming home with a police officer with a note and calling on a cordless phone. The call CO-Eon waits at home for the call and uses it to alert the U-A. (The Call 콜 A South Korean film)

In 1999, Young-suk killed a police officer and chased Eun-a. In 2019, the elderly Young-suk reveals himself and similarly chases CO-Eon. Eun-e uses the phone again and CO-Eon picks him up and encourages him to fight. Eun-Ae apparently sacrificed himself to kill Yong-suk, and with the change of 2019, the house was locked and the elderly Yong-suk disappeared. CO-Eun leaves home and is reunited mentally with Eun-A, who is alive and well, albeit with scars.

In the middle credit scene, veteran Young-suk waits and answers a call from his younger opponent and warns him about Eun-ei and the police officer, lets him change his own history, and deletes Eun-e on behalf of CO-Eun. . . At the end, the scene is cut in the torture chamber where a man in white clothes is tied to a chair, screaming for help. The cloth has been removed, revealing a terrifying Seo-eon, who will probably face his death by Young-suk.


  • Release date
    • November 27, 2020 (United States)
  • Country of origin
    • South Korea
  • Official site
  • Language
    • Korean
  • Also known as
    • Call
  • Filming locations
    • South Korea
  • Production company
    • Yong Film
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(The Call 콜 A South Korean film)