Shah Rukh Khan’s Blockbusters Pathaan And Jawan Are Back In Cinemas From Tomorrow Across The Country, All Three 2023 SRK Releases Running In Multiplexes Simultaneously- Filmyzilla

Shah Rukh Khan has stamped his authority at box office as he became first actor to deliver 525 cr nett domestic and 1050 cr worldwide grossers back to back at box office in single year. He himself has broken all records of his previous release Pathaan in matter of 7 months with Jawan! If those blockbusters were not enough, SRK scored hattrick with Dunki in December as film zoomed past 425 cr worldwide gross in 15 days itself.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Blockbusters Pathaan And Jawan Back In Cinemas In Lean Season

Shah Rukh Khan’a blockbusters from 2023 are back in cinemas from tomorrow across the country in selected shows. There is no major release for next couple of weeks and holdover releases are managing only average numbers at the end of their respective run at box office.

Shah Rukh Khan’s massive Worldwide blockbusters Pathaan and Jawan made more than 1150 crore nett at Indian box office and films are creating havoc on otts post digital release. Incidentally both films are big screen spectacles and there is still demand among audience to watch those films in cinemas with fab repeat value.

Multiplexes will be running selected shows all over the country from tomorrow and on top of that, third Shah Rukh Khan release of 2023 Dunki is entering 3rd week of its run tomorrow. It will be a rare feat and probably first time in multiplex era when a superstar’s last three releases running simultaneously in multiplexes.

Tickets and details of showtimes are available on Bookmyshow.

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Massive 8 Crore Footfalls In Single Year For Shah Rukh

Shah Rukh crossed massive 8 Crores footfalls in single year. Jawan crossed 3.93 cores footfalls followed by Pathaan’s 3.20 crore footfalls. Dunki has crossed 1 crore footfalls taking total tally to 8.13 crore footfalls. This will be one record which will be toughest to break for any star in times to come.

This record comes in a time when audience is divided among ott, tv and cinemas. Shah Rukh Khan also delivered two all time grossers in span of 7 months which is first time ever in history of Hindi cinema. This is again a record which will stand test of time.

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