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Saaho New Movie 2019

Synopsis Movies Of Saaho

The story is about a power struggle that takes place at the higher levels of intensity, where irrelevant and detached scenes take place in different parts of the world, in different parts of the world, unexpectedly intertwining to reveal mind games. The story immerses the crowd in the round of a great genius to uncover the real idea of ​​everything that is included. It questions the impression of who is the persecutor and who is being persecuted. It blends into an exciting story with business components of storytelling to convey a high octane activity actor who speaks to all the fragments of the audience. The story is about a power struggle that takes place in the higher levels of intensity. Separate and detached scenes that take place in different parts of the world unexpectedly intertwine to reveal mind games. The story takes the audience into the company of a great genius to uncover the real idea of ​​everything that is included. It questions the impression of who is the persecutor and who is being persecuted. It mixes into an exciting story with business components of storytelling to convey a high octane activity actor that engages all parts of the audience.

Saaho is an Indian action thriller from 2019 written and directed by Sujeeth. It was produced by Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapati and Bhushan Kumar under their respective banners from UV Creations and T-Series. It is filmed simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and shows Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, which marks the Hindi debut of the former and the latter’s debut in South Indian cinema. The film follows an expansive criminal syndicate that is involved in a power struggle after the death of its leader, while intelligence agencies use it to their advantage to crush them.
The main photography for Saaho started in August 2017. The filming took place in India, the United Arab Emirates, Romania and Austria and was carried out with IMAX cameras. It is the most expensive Indian movie made on a budget so far, it is a movie worth Rs 1 crore. The soundtrack to the film was released under the banner of the T-Series. Saaho was released in cinemas and IMAX on August 30, 2019 in India

Cast Movies Of Saaho

  • Prabhas as Ashok Chakravarthy / Siddhant Nandan Saaho
  • Shraddha Kapoor as Amritha Nair
  • Jackie Shroff as Narantak Roy
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh as Jai / Ashok Chakravarty
  • Arun Vijay as Vishwank Roy / Iqbal
  • Chunky Pandey as Devaraj
  • Vennela Kishore as Goswami
  • Murali Sharma as David
  • Lal as Ibrahim
  • Supreeth as Alex
  • Tanikella Bharani as Telangana CM Ramaswamy Allagadda
  • Mandira Bedi as Kalki
  • Prakash Belawadi as Shinde
  • Evelyn Sharma as Aisha / Jennifer
  • Mahesh Manjrekar as Prince
  • Tinnu Anand as Prithvi Raj
  • Ravi Varma as Ajay
  • Sharath Lohitashwa
  • Sasha Chettri
  • Girish Garladinne
  • Damini Chopra
  • Kumar Raja Venati
  • Naveen Varma Ganapathiraju
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as an item number in the song “Bad Boy”

Plot Movies Of Saaho

Roy, the underworld crime boss of Waaji City, is killed in a deliberate car accident. Devaraj, the son of a former crime boss, declares himself the next leader of the crime consortium; It is supported by some members, but rejected by the others. However, Roy’s son Vishwank thwarted his plans by following his father as the next boss. Vishwank is also determined to unmask his father’s murderer and sets off to lead the city of Waaji.

Roy had to build a hydropower plant in India, but was rejected by the Indian minister. However, he managed to get the permission signature for a letter from him. Then the money is the gangsters on a ship that is destroyed in a bomb explosion.
The story then turns to India, where a brilliant thief easily steals about two trillion rupees. A nationwide search for the perpetrator follows. The undercover agent Ashok Chakravarthy is appointed head of the Manhunt task force. Although he initially refuses to do so, he gives in after finding out that Amritha Nair, a woman he is in love with, will also be on the task force. The task force uncovers the thief’s whereabouts and catches him on his next robbery after Amritha and Ashok fall in love. They had the thief take a black box that a locker with treasures can open in a secure building in Waaji City.

Later there is a raid in which Amrit, Ashok and Officer David encounter a thief on a bridge. It is then revealed that the thief was indeed Ashok, and the officer who pretends with them is Saaho, who is the actual person who committed the robberies. When Saaho escapes with his partner David, Amritha and the entire Indian Ministry of Justice are stunned.

After that, it becomes known that Devaraj killed Roy to get power, that the gangsters’ money is with him, and that he was the one who planned the explosion. Amritha then follows Saaho to Waaji and pretends that she is still in love with him, but actually helps Ashok. Meanwhile, Amritha falls in love with Saaho and reveals Ashok. Saaho leads Amritha around the world and when they are in Australia, (Victoria) Saaho holds Amritha at the waist and kisses her on the cheek. While they want to kiss Amritha is shot and taken away by Devaraj. Saaro is forced by Devaraj to give him the black box, but betrays him later when he makes a deal and hands the black box over to Vishwank. Saaho also destroys Devaraj’s building and steals the money he had with him. Amritha is then rescued by Ibrahim, one of Vishwank’s employees. Saaho is then pursued by Ashok and the police with Amritha in a helicopter with a sniper. While the sniper is shooting at him, Amritha tries to save Saaho by distracting the sniper, but the sniper pushes her to the very end of the helicopter. Saaho saves her with a jetpack, but is later arrested by the police.

Kalki, the underworld criminal defense lawyer who has been with Vishwank the entire time, is on Devaraj’s side. He enters the depot with the help of a black box and finds the pictures with Roy Courage. This suggests that Saaho is Roy’s son. She also finds a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, revealing Roy’s two most precious things in the depot. Meanwhile, Amritha finds Alex and chases him. A man she met in a Mumbai bar and Ashok meets Vishwank.

Saaho is brought to Devaraj’s village, where he fights with Devaraj’s thugs and easily defeats them. Devaraj comes and Saaho reveals to him that he is Siddhant Nandan Saaho, Roy’s real son. He also reveals to Devaraj that he did this to avenge his father’s death. Vishwank also reveal this to Ashok and Alex also reveal this to Amritha. Kalki is also witness to a portrait of Roy and Saaho in the vault, which shocked them all.

Ibrahim reveals Saaho’s true identity to gang members and Saaho becomes the next king of the underworld. A few months later, Saaho finds Amritha in Innsbruck, Austria, and confesses his love for her. They kiss and hug. A sniper is aiming at Saaho some distance away as he opens his eyes to the danger.

Production Movies Of Saaho

The film was created on a budget of 5 million. The film was shot in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Austria, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Romania and other areas of Europe. The main photography started in August 2017. Arun Vijay, Jackie Shroff, Lal, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mandira Bedi were locked up together with the main actors Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor. Much of the budget was spent on filming the action scenes of the film. The international stunt coordinator Kenny Bates was commissioned to choreograph the action scenes. Arun Vijay let his hair grow to show his character in Saaho.

The film’s first schedule, which was in Hyderabad, was completed by October 2017. The film’s second schedule started in December 2017 in Ramoji Film City. According to the producers of the film, Shraddha Kapoor had made action sequences in the film with heavy weapons. After a few days, they moved to Dubai for a month, where some of the key action sequences with Prabhas and Neil Nitin Mukesh were filmed while Shraddha Kapoor switched to their next project, Stree. After half of the film was shot in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Dubai, the cast and crew of Saaho began the fourth program of the film in Abu Dhabi in February 2018 and ended within a few weeks. The film’s fifth program, also in Abu Dhabi, started in late February. The film’s sixth program began in Dubai and Romania in mid-March. The last part of the film and the romantic songs were shot in Innsbruck and in the Tyrol region in Austria.

An action sequence was filmed near the Burj Khalifa, which can be seen in an exceptionally long period of the script. 25 crores of the budget had been spent. Prabhas had undergone rigorous training that included cardiovascular and strength training, as well as plyometric obstacle races. Prabhas praised his co-star Shraddha Kapoor and said that she was the best choice for her character. She has a strong character in the film, while Prabhas’ character is a fictional character. He plays the character of a police officer who lets the audience guess to the end.
The film shows some underwater sequences with Prabhas, who had learned to dive in preparation. Prabhas will synchronize his own lines in the Hindi version, while a professional voice actor will synchronize Shraddha Kapoor in the Telugu version. The film shows Neil Nitin Mukesh as the antagonist. Mandira Bedi, known for her gray roles on the small screen, will also play a thoroughly negative role in the film.

The choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant made two romantic songs. Filming began in the Austrian Alpine city of Innsbruck, including the Haus der Musik and the trams in Innsbruck, Finstertal in Kühtai and Adlers Hotel. Some scenes were also filmed in the nearby town of Seefeld. Romantic songs were also shot on the “Top of Tyrol” viewing platform on the Stubai Glacier, the ice Q restaurant in Sölden, the Swaroski Kristallwelten and the Highline179 suspension bridge in Reutte in Tyrol. The production also shot some parts of a romantic song in Redbulls Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport. Robinville and Creative Creatures were service providers for the Austrian schedule.

SAAHO Movie Trailer | Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh | Bhushan Kumar | Sujeeth | Vamsi Pramod

Marketing and release

The film’s teaser was released on April 27, 2017, along with Prabhas’ latest film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. Prabhas’ first look poster from the film was unveiled on his birthday on October 22, 2017. There was some controversy over the poster, which resembled the Blade Runner 2049 poster, and many fans and followers criticized the poster for perceiving plagiarism the following year, on October 22, 2018, on Prabha’s birthday, a making-of of the film Featurette released. On March 2, 2019, the birthday of Shraddha Kapoor, a second production of the film feature was released. On May 21, 2019, a poster of Prabhas from the film was unveiled. A week later, another Prabhas poster was unveiled. Shradha Kapoor’s first look poster from the film appeared on June 10, 2019. Another Prabhas poster was released on June 12, 2019. On July 23, 2019, UV Creations published new posters with representations of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor and a new release date on August 30, 2019 in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil.

On July 13, 2019, UV Creations and T-Series launched the film’s official teasers in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. The teaser received over 97 million views from all languages on YouTube.

On August 10, 2019, UV Creations and T-Series launched the film’s official trailers in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.
The trailer received over 105 million views on YouTube from all languages.

Release Saaho Movies

The film was released on August 30, 2019 worldwide in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. When released, Saaho was dubbed in Kannada and the Malayalam version was released on Amazon Prime.


Outshiny India, a luggage and bag maker, filed a lawsuit against the director and several employees for fraud at the Madhapur police station. The manufacturers stated that the filmmakers had signed an expensive contract with them stipulating that their product would be shown in the film. They claimed that the filmmakers had failed to keep their promise. They claimed that the marketing, lawyer and contract fees, as well as the amount paid to the filmmakers, resulted in a total loss of £ 1.38 billion.

Reception Movies Of Saaho

Critical response

The film has received generally unfavorable reviews. The website of the rating aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rate of 9%, based on 11 reviews with an average rating of 3.85 / 10.

Lakshana N Palat from India Today, one and a half stars out of five has referred to Saaho as “a 350 Crore disaster” and it is a “laborious and tiring watch”. She added that “Saaho’s saving grace is the visuals and high-octane action sequences” and “that the creators were so excited about the artisanal action scenes and starry presence of Prabhas that they took the story and character development on.” halfway forgot “. ,
Thinkal Menon wrote for The Times of India and rated Saaho two and a half stars. He praised the technical aspects and criticized the script. Menon also stated that the film “was largely dubbed in Tamil, causing lip sync issues.” Taran Adarsh ​​gave the film one and a half stars and commented on its “weak story, the confusing script and the amateur director”.

A reviewer for Bollywood Hungama was two and a half out of five and said it “is suffering from a lackadaisical script and an empty script.” CNN-News18’s Rajeev Masand gave the film one and a half stars; While praising Prabhas for his “tremendous presence and unmistakable sincerity,” Masand felt that the film had “all the depth and emotional power of a video game.”

Box office

Saaho earned 130 crore ($ 18 million) worldwide on its opening day, the second highest price an Indian film has ever had. It surpassed 2.0 crore ($ 16 million), but was lower than Prabhas’ previous film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (212 crore), which holds the record for the highest opening Indian film. After the second day, the global collection was 220 crore [81]. The film grossed 294 crore ($ 41 million) gross on its global opening weekend and 370 crore ($ 52 million) in its first week. [83] On day 10, Saaho exceeded 400 crore ($ 56 million) [83]. Net entry in India at week 4 was 295 crore.


Directed bySujeeth
Produced byVamsi Krishna ReddyPramod UppalapatiBhushan Kumar
Written bySujeeth(story, screenplay, and Telugu dialogue)K. G. R. Ashok(Tamil dialogue)Abbas DalalHussain Dalal(Hindi dialogue)
StarringPrabhasShraddha Kapoor
Music bySongs:Tanishk BagchiGuru RandhawaBadshahShankar–Ehsaan–LoyScore:Ghibran[1]
CinematographyR. Madhi
Edited byA. Sreekar Prasad
UV CreationsT-Series
Distributed byAA Films (India)
Yash Raj Films
Phars Film (International)[2]
Release date30 August 2019[3]
Running time170 minutes[4]
Budget₹350 crore[5]
Box officeest. ₹433.06 crore