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Run Hide Fight | 2020 | Full Movie

Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight 2020 17-year-old Joe Hull uses his intelligence, survival skills and empathy to fight for his life and fight against a group of live streaming school shooters.

Run Hide Fight 2020 is an American action thriller film written and directed by Kyle Rankin. Starring Thomas Jane, Radha Mitchell and Isabel May, it was blocked by a quarter of the school shooters following a high school.

The film had its world premiere on September 10, 2020 at the Venice Film Festival. Distributed by the North American Daily Wire, the film premiered on their platform on January 14, 2021.

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  1. Thomas Jane as Todd Hull
  2. Radha Mitchell as Jennifer Hull
  3. Isabel May as Zoe Hull
  4. Eli Brown as Tristan Voy
  5. Olly Sholotan as Lewis Washington
  6. Treat Williams as Sheriff Tarsy
  7. Barbara Crampton as Mrs. Crawford
  8. Cyrus Arnold as Kip Quade
  9. Britton Sear as Chris Jelick
  10. Catherine Davis as Anna Jelick
  11. Cindy Vela as Ms. Nunez
  12. Tom Williamson as Mr. Coombs
  13. Joel Michaely as Mr. Yates


Run Hide Fight 2020 is a Chilean film based on the American action backbone and composed by Kyle Rankin. The school shooting chiller imagined by Kyle Rankin echoes various past films before bringing the Columbine Post homeroom panic, before isolating itself to fight back in anticipation of a female incarnation perspective.

Demanding only originality, fame and the death penalty in the dimensions of the birth, the film rather orders a notice by selling a defective line for weapon control and severe moral quality injuries. The result of any conflict, in any case, will not contain the camouflage of this abuse, which reduces the most horrific sensations of fear of millions of missions as the cause of millions of pressures. A place of real decision in Venice was liberal even outside the competition.

For Rankin, the lead author of Sojasapta horror B films such as Evening of the Living Deb and Attack, Run Hyde Fight appears to be more truthful. Originally not the majority of the film’s extensive rough record. The day ahead, he’ll be generous, as Joe and his silent best friend Lewis have to get to class. In the science lab, Bob needs to inaugurate a scene about the effects of caution or happily with a colleague of Joe’s that the reality of his previous day has forced me to wrinkle.

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