Paige DeSorbo Praises Captain Lee’s Comments About Carl and Lindsay

Paige DeSorbo is totally on board with Captain Lee Rosbach‘s hot takes on all things Summer House.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly at BravoCon on Saturday, November 4, Paige, 30, weighed in on Lee’s theory that Kyle Cooke was partly to blame for Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard‘s split.

“Absolutely not,” Paige said, adding that there was no truth to Lee’s hypothesis. “Captain Lee saying that was honestly one of the highlights of my week. I thought it was hilarious, but also so out of pocket.”

Before BravoCon kicked off in Las Vegas, Lee, 73, discussed why he thought Kyle, 41, should shoulder some blame for Carl and Lindsay’s engagement coming to an end.

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“You know the guy who really kind of ticks me off in that whole situation? Kyle,” the Below Deck alum shared on the Wednesday, November 1, episode of his “Salty With Captain Lee” podcast. “I think he contributed to a certain degree.”

Lee had questions about how Kyle spoke about Lindsay, 37, on Summer House while she was dating his best friend. “Like that one night he got totally s–t-faced drunk and called Lindsay everything under the book that you could think of in front of Carl,” the captain continued, referring to a season 7 scene. “And Carl sat there and took it and didn’t get all bent out of shape and aggressive on him. Which he had every right to do.”

Carl, 38, and Lindsay — who got engaged in August 2022 — were expected to tie the knot in Mexico this month. The upcoming season 8 of Summer House initially featured their wedding preparations before Carl alerted producers to their impending split.

After Carl and Lindsay’s high-profile breakup, Kyle shocked Bravo fans when he said he wasn’t surprised.

“It is a very tough topic. I was rooting for them even though I saw the cracks in the foundation. I was not surprised based on what I was privy to,” he noted during a Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance on October 24. “Calling off a wedding is probably harder than proposing and so I did not think that it might actually happen, because it is drastic. That kind of gives you a sense of the current state.”

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Kyle recalled having a “front-row seat” to Carl and Lindsay’s ups and downs while filming season 8.

“My take on it is I don’t think Carl knew he was actually calling it off until the very conversation was happening. I didn’t catch wind of that being the outcome until after the fact. It was that much in the moment,” he added. “I would like to hope that they can share a summer house because it would be a shame if our little run here would come to an end.”

In response, Lee slammed Kyle’s thoughts on the matter, adding on Wednesday, “Then Kyle comes out and says he could see the cracks in the relationship. Wake up, you were part of the cracks. You are supposed to be Carl’s best friend, and all you do every waking moment that you’re talking to Carl is badmouthing Lindsay. Is that what friends do?”

Lee concluded: “I feel bad for both of them. I think people that don’t know should realize that they don’t know, and they shouldn’t speculate because their words have impact. I don’t know how Kyle and Carl stayed friends.”

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Paige, for her part, doesn’t agree with Lee’s assessment of Kyle.

“Carl has a best friend and Carl vents to his best friend. [Then] his best friend gives him the advice that a best friend would. So, it’s the same as if I’m talking to [Kyle Cooke’s wife] Amanda [Batula],” she explained to Us on Saturday. “If Kyle was able to influence a couple to break up, then I don’t think that couple is strong enough in the beginning. I don’t think that’s true at all.”

According to Paige, Summer House viewers will see what led to Carl calling it quits, adding, “Obviously, that happened two months ago. You’ll see the ins and out like you always do. You’ll see the couples and you’ll see how everyone interacts with each other. You’ll get the full story.”

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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