Noddy Holder is ‘doing great’ after cancer battle

Noddy Holder is “doing great” after battling oesophageal cancer.

The Slade frontman was given just six months to live five years ago, his wife Suzan recently revealed, and in a new update she has shared that the 77-year-old singer is well after undergoing experimental chemotherapy at The Christie hospital in Manchester.

Appearing on ‘GB News’, she said: “When he was given [chemotherapy] five years ago, they told him that it was something that they hadn’t really given to anybody.

“He was 72 when he was diagnosed and when they gave it to him, and they never make any promises with any cancer treatment, but he’s doing great.

“We’ve decided to talk about now to raise awareness of oesophageal cancer, which is not the same as throat cancer. It’s one of the gastric cancers and it’s not something that gets a lot of attention.

“We also want to help The Christie with the work they’re doing and the amazing treatments that they have.”

Suzan apologised for the shock hearing about Noddy’s situation might have caused and insisted they are only sharing his story to raise awareness, whilst she insisted there is “hope” for all, no matter how “devastating” their diagnosis, as new treatments are being used all the time.

She continued: “We know we shocked some people, that’s not what we meant to do, and we don’t want to upset anybody.

“We’re very aware that a lot of people are going through all sorts of different things and all sorts of different illnesses, and we don’t have a magic answer, but we can say to people, even with a devastating diagnosis like that, there is always hope.

“They’re bringing on treatments all the time and this treatment that he had, has kept him healthy now for the last four and a half years.”

Noddy is doing so well he’s even been back on the stage.

Suzan added: “One of the reasons we kept it private was because Noddy wanted to deal with it in his own way, which was to focus and to concentrate.

“He’s done it all with good humour, that kind of same naughty, that mischievous person has always been like that all the way.”

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