December 2, 2021


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Maara – Tamil New Full Movie |2021 | R Madhavan |Amazon Original Movie


Maara 2021 When Paru sees a fairy tale from a stranger drawing children across the walls of a coastal town, she goes in search of the man who drew it.

Mara is a 2021 Indian Tamil language romantic drama film directed by Dhilip Kumar for the first time and produced by Pritod Chakraborty and Shruti Nalappa of Promod Films. Charlie adapted from the 2015 Malayalam film written by Martin Prakat, the film stars Madhavan, Shraddha Sranath and Shashi Bhada, restoring the roles of Dulquer Salman, Parvati Tiruvothu and Aparna Gopinath in the lead roles.

Promod Films acquired the remake rights in early 2016, after which it fell into a series of casting and screenplay changes for two years. In June 2018, Martin Prokat (director of the original film) and a. After El Vijay left the project, Dhilip Kumar announced to direct the film. Filming started in June 2018 with a schedule scattered in Kochi and Pondicherry before the end of shooting by Friday 2020. The film has music by Gibran, cinematography and editing by Dinesh Krishnan, Karthik Muthukumar and Bhuvan Srinivasan respectively.

The movie was scheduled to be released directly through top media services, after theatrical release plans failed due to the COVID-19 epidemic in India. Amazon Prime Video, which acquired the streaming rights to the film, premiered on January 7, 2021. The film has been praised for its story, story and background score of Madhava and Shraddha, though the film is being criticized for its solidarity, casual screenplay and extended time.

Maara – Official Trailer 4K (Tamil) | R Madhavan, Shraddha | Dhilip |Amazon Original Movie | Jan 8


Cast Of Maara

  • Madhavan as Manimaaran (Maara)
  • Shraddha Srinath as Parvathi (Paaru) (voiced by Shakthisree Gopalan)
  • Sshivada as Kani
  • Abhirami as Selvi
  • Moulee as Velayya
  • M. S. Bhaskar as Usman Bhai
  • Kishore as David
  • Appukutty as Lingam
  • R. S. Shivaji as Selvam
  • Guru Somasundaram as Chokku
  • Alexander Babu as Thief
  • Maala Parvathi as Paaru’s mother
  • Seema as Paaru’s grandmother
  • Rajesh Sharma as Logu
  • Padmavati Rao as Mary/ Meenakshi (dubbed by Bombay Jayashri)
  • Ananth Nag as Bala
  • Baby Aaradhya Shri as Baby Paaru
  • Punya Elizabeth as Paaru’s friend
  • Geevee Vignesh as Afzal
  • Joseph Francis
  • Minon as Young Maara
  • Junior Balaiah
  • Vishnu Govindhan as Gulfy guy
  • Naveen George Thomas as Mithran


Maara 2121 movie is an Indian Tamil language sensitive drama film featuring Dhelip Kumar for the first time and Shruti Nalappa of Preetod Chakraborty and Promod Films for the first time. . Charlie is so confusingly basic that it’s a troublesome film to adjust to. Since, its sensations are firmly established within the existence of the film and it feels bad to adjust for an alternative socio-cultural basis. What Aralip Kumar Maraya does is he takes the soul and gives a more perfect translation of what a fantasy meets in a real world. Take a jolt in props, paintings, scenery and decorations to get the ideal surface with an incredible creation plan. In taste, Maara likes Charlie more than the movie Vari It starts with a delicious opening with a young woman in a transport initiative, bothering her grandmother for a sleep story. He was at least interested in such stories quite a while ago in the past. He needs to hear a story that is unusual. He needs a story that will complete his journey for a creative mind. At this point, when a separate traveler, an elderly pious woman named Mary, told a story about going on a journey: a warrior and a fish interested in discovering his soul told me I liked a Maara girl, but it may not be a kid story, We get a beautiful vivified grouping with waves, wind, temptations and a conch awake imagination and in this way, the young woman begins to travel. As it was, the title scene that we see for ourselves is the discovery of the young creative mind. Elsewhere, like a young woman, someone is bound by the initiative of the train and their life destiny. And as this young woman grew up to become a reconstruction craftsman, Paru, otherwise known as Parvati Shraddha Sranath, restores precious bits of ancient rarity and craftsmanship. The biggest reconstruction of Paru that is nothing but imperfection is to recover the tragically lost soul of the officer. Whatever he is, whoever this fighter is, it is true that he is true or a legend