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INSPECTOR GHALIB | New Movie | Shahrukh Khan | 2020

Inspector Ghalib is a New indian Movie, Madhur Bhandarkar is making Bali Mafia based this Movie. Madhur Bhandarkar’s Inspector Ghalib has reportedly approached ShahRukh Khan for the 2020 film.

Inspector Ghalib Trailer 2020 Shahrukh Khan Inspector Ghalib Movie Trailer 2020

Inspector Gaalib

Shah Rukh Khan is still mourning his zero failure and Rakesh Sharma Sari’s biopic Jahan Se Aacha has moved on. Continuing, you are currently reading a lot of scripts and taking your time to deliberately decide which project to do next. According to recent reports, one of the scripts you are currently reading is Inspector Ghalib from Madhur Bhandarkar. The movie was announced a few months ago and revolves around a sand mafia in Uttar Pradesh and an inspector who helps catch them. Interestingly, SRK has played a smuggling mob king in Raees.

Director Madhur Bhandarkar, who directed the latest Calendar Girls, is all set to make a new film called Inspector Ghalib. The movie is based on the sand mafias of India.

According to reports, a source revealed about the film to a top daily. “Cop films are doing well. This film is the story of a policeman who has taken up arms against illegal sand mining in different parts of the country, and he has taken over the sand mafia. And like other sweet films, it will not be a movie like Simba or Singham. It will be fun to look at the issue and suppress the underbelly of the system that supports illegal sand extraction, ”the source told a daily.

Now we know that Madhur has narrated this script to someone other than Shah Rukh Khan. A source of knowledge has given us some details. “Madhur Bhandarkar had a meeting with Shah Rukh Khan and told him the script. SRK liked it but he still couldn’t convince the filmmaker. Since Shah Rukh Sara Jahan has chosen Achcha, he is considering various roles and projects. Inspector Ghalib reveals our source.



Madhur Bhandarkar

Release Date

 03 Nov 2020