Deepika-Ranveer are India’s most loved couple, Here’s a proof

Image Source : INSTAGRAM Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Amid ongoing trolling about their viewpoint on the relationship, Deepika and Ranveer are being trolled for their revelations on the first episode of Koffee with Karan 8. But DeepVeer (Deepika and Ranveer) does not need to prove that they are the IT couple of the industry. Together, they shell out a major couple of goals. The couple define what genuine love and friendship in a relationship is.Deep-Veer, as millions of their fans lovingly call them, made a recent joint appearance on a chat show, their first ever as a couple, sent waves across the nation, even globally and reaffirmed their position as the most loved couple in the country. 

What makes Ranveer and Deepika truly exceptional is not just their individual superstar success but the way they complement each other on multiple levels and the show had many such instances. It’s their love, warmth, and genuine affection for each other that makes them the model young Indian Jodi, earning the love and respect of audiences all over the country, not to miss a huge inspiration for other couples. Whether it was their emotional wedding video or the way they spoke about each other, their body language with each other, the way they spoke about the journey of their relationship, working with each other, unwinding and spending quality time with each other, everything was met with Aw by their fans. 

Their recent appearance showcased not just how gorgeous they look as a couple but also their undeniable chemistry; it portrayed a beautiful friendship that underlines their relationship. Through their relationship of over a decade, Ranveer and Deepika have managed to remain each other’s best friends, a testament to the strength of their bond. What also binds them is the similarity in their value systems growing up. They have always stayed true to their roots, and this approach resonates deeply with their fans. Whether it is being there for their family, or spending quality time with them, they are always there. 

Moreover, it is commendable how they maintain their privacy and at the same time share glimpses of their lives with their fans. The overwhelming praise for their chemistry, genuine warmth, and affection is a testament to the special place they hold in the hearts of millions. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone aren’t just celebrities; they represent a love story that resonates with the aspirations and ideals of modern India. They are an inspiration to many, showcasing that love can indeed conquer all, even in the spotlight of fame.

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