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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a 2000 Wuxia film directed by Ang Lee and composed by Wang Hui-Ling, James Shamus, and Sasai Kuo Jung, Chinese. Wang Dulu’s novel. The film features an international cast of Chinese actors, including Chou actors Chai Yu-Fat, Michelle Ioh, Jang Jia, and Chang Chen.
A multinational company, the film was made with a budget of US $ 1 million and is produced by the Asian Union Film and Entertainment, China Film Co-Production Corporation, Columbia Pictures. Film Production Asia, Edco Films, Good Machine International and Zoom Hunt Production. Crouching Tiger with a subtitled Mandarin dialogue in several markets, Hidden Dragon has become an amazing international success, raising $ 3 213.5 million worldwide. It earned $ 128 million in the US, making it the highest grossing foreign language movie in US history.

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Crouching Tiger 2 Distributed by

Sony Pictures Releasing

Crouching Tiger 2
Release date

  • May 18, 2000 (Cannes)
  • July 7, 2000 (Taiwan)
  • July 8, 2000 (Mainland China)
  • July 13, 2000 (Hong Kong)
  • December 8, 2000 (United States)


In the fourteenth-century Qing Dynasty of China, Li Mu Bai is a skilled Udang swordsman and Yu Shu Law Line is the head of a private security firm. Yu Su Lin and Li Mu Bai have feelings for each other, but Shu Lian and Mu Bai Men have been loyal to Sijao since they were involved with Meng Sijao, a close friend of Moo Bai, before he died. Their feelings towards each other. Choosing to retire, Mu Bai Shui tells Lien to give his sword “Green Destiny” to the benefactor of Beijing. Long ago, a woman named Zu Fox, a teacher at Mu Bai, was killed, who wanted to learn Udang skills. While living in Sir Tay, Shu Lian was introduced to Jane Yur, the daughter of the wealthy and powerful Governor Yu, and is about to get married.

One evening, a masked thief walks over to Sir Tay’s estate and steals a Green Destiny. Sir Tae’s servant Master Bo and Shu Lian have discovered the theft in Governor Yu’s courtyard, where Jade Fox has been posting for many years as Zen’s ruler. Shortly afterwards, Mu Bai arrived in Beijing to discuss the theft with Shu Lien. Master Bow was introduced to Inspector Socie and his daughter, the police investigator in the province, who came to Beijing to chase Fox. Fox challenged the pair and Master Bo to showdown that night. After a protracted battle, the group is at the crossroads of para defeat when Mu Bai arrives and overtakes Fox. Before killing Mu Bai Fox, the masked thief reappears and assists Fox, killing the Shea before fleeing with the fox thief (who is revealed as Jane). After watching Jane’s fight with Mu, Fox realizes that Jane has been secretly studying the Udang manual and has outlived him in combat skills.

Cast Of Crouching tiger hidden dragon 2

  • Chow Yun-fat as Li Mu Bai
  • Michelle Yeoh as Yu Shu Lien
  • Zhang Ziyi as Jen Yu
  • Chang Chen as Lo “Dark Cloud”
  • Cheng Pei-pei as Jade Fox
  • Sihung Lung as Sir Te
  • Li Fazeng as Governor Yu
  • Gao Xi’an as Bo
  • Hai Yan as Madam Yu
  • Wang Deming as Police inspector Tsai / Prefect Cai Qiu
  • Li Li as May, Tsai’s daughter
  • Huang Suying as Aunt Wu
  • Yang Rui as Maid
  • Li Kai as Gou Jun Pei
  • Feng Jianhua as Gou Jun Sinung
  • Ma Zhongxuan as Mi Biao
  • Li Baocheng as Fung Machete Chang
  • Yang Yongde as Monk Jing
  • Zhang Shaocheng as Nightman

Box office Of Crouching tiger hidden dragon 2

The film was released in theaters on December 8, 2000, in a limited release within the United States. During its opening weekend, the film premiered in 15th place, raising $ 663,205 in business, showing in 16 venues. On January 12, 2001, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon debuted in brand new theaters across the United States, raising $ 8,647,295 in business, ranking sixth. The Save the Last Dance movie came in first during that weekend, grossing $ 23,444,930. The film’s revenue fell nearly 30% in its second week of release, earning $ 6,080,357. For that particular weekend, the film dropped to eighth place in 837 theaters. Save the Last Dance remained unchanged first, raising $ 15,366,047 in box office revenue. During its final week of release, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon opened at a distant 50th place with $ 37,233 in revenue. The film peaked at $ 128,078,872 in total ticket sales through a 31-week theatrical run. Internationally, the film grossed an additional $ 85,446,864 in box office business for a combined global total of $ 213,525,736. For the year 2000 as a whole, the film was cumulatively ranked at a global box office performance position of 19.


The Young Dulu film was written as a series of novels, originally from the late 1930s. The film is somewhat adapted from the story of Crouching Tiger, the fourth book in the Hidden Dragon series. The film is slightly adapted from the story of the fourth book in the series, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


US$17 million

Box office collection

US$213.5 million