October 21, 2020


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Box Office: ‘Joker’ Becomes The Most Profitable Comic Book Movie Ever


After five weeks in theaters with $ 304.2 million in North America, the Joker’s new global fast is about $ 953 million. Presuming its 32% domestic/68% overseas split holds, then it will have a new global cume of around $957 million by tonight. That will be 15.3x its $62.5 million production budget, which will make the Todd Phillips-directed and Joaquin Phoenix-starring drama more profitable, in terms of budget versus global gross, than Jim Carrey’s The Mask ($351 million on a $23 million budget in 1994). The most profitable “big” comic films are Venom ($ 854 million with a $ 90 million budget), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($ 200 million / $ 13.5 million), Batman ($ 411 million / $ 35 million), Mask ($ 351 million / $ 23 million) Deadpool ($ 783 million / $ 58 million), and now Joker ($ 956 million / $ 62.5 million).

That means DC Films and Warner Bros. ‘Joker is the most profitable comic film of all time. In a biased way, Joker represents the dream of all studies, since it is a 2-D medium budget title that is pulling the highly successful business without relying on China. Making it a psychological drama with an R rating is a kind of bonus, as it is the third cheapest $ 900 million fundraiser of all time after Bohemian Rhapsody ($ 905 million with a $ 52 million budget) and The Lion King ($ 968 million with a budget of $ 55 million in 1994). When it exceeds $ 1 billion worldwide over the next week, it will be the cheapest movie to do so, with a budget just below the $ 63 million spent by Jurassic Park in 1993.

Until last December, we had not seen a gross income of one billion dollars that was not from Disney or Universal since Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014. We have had two rookies in the last year, both comic films with big increases in China . But unlike Warner Bros. ‘Aquaman ($ 1,148 billion worldwide with $ 298 million in China) and Spider-Man: Far from Home ($ 1,131 billion with $ 199 million in China), Joker will earn his gross $ 1 billion more without a 3-D increase and without China When The Dark Knight passes ($ 1 billion worldwide in 2008), it will be the highest grossing movie ever seen in China). Yes, assuming you don’t finally have a game date in China. But without China, it should still flirt with a global problem about / under Aladdin ($ 1.0506 billion).

It will have around $ 312 million national at the end of Sunday night, and it is likely that a domestic cume will end up just above / below Guardians of the Galaxy ($ 333 million in 2014), Spider-Man: Homecoming ($ 334 million in 2017), Aquaman ($ 335 million in 2018) and Spider-Man 3 ($ 336 million in 2007). It will surpass Suicide Squad ($ 325 million in 2016) and sell more tickets than Man of Steel ($ 291 million in 2013 / $ 322 million adjusted for inflation) by the end. If it surpasses Aquaman, Joker will be the fourth largest domestic collector of DC Comics (behind Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight) and (assuming a global total between $ 1,004 billion and $ 1,081 billion) its third largest Cume World behind The Dark Knight Rises ($ 1.081 billion in 2012) and Aquaman.

It is possible that the stages of the Oscar season will continue its past global total Toy Story 4 ($ 1.072 billion), but that is a great “yes.” The film will surely be the great Oscar movie of Warner Bros. On the one hand, his success, like a comic film about a tormented white guy who is a “victim of society” to the point of villainy, can harm people the wrong way On the other hand, it is a monumental success despite being an old school movie. For that matter, its earnings of more than $ 500 million make it a clearly old-fashioned store post, providing Warner Bros. financial coverage for the flood of low-performance studio programmers (Blinded by the Light, The Kitchen , The Sun is Also A Star, The Goldfinch, Motherless Brooklyn, possibly The Good Liar and Just Mercy).
It is also almost certain that it is the only release of the Oscar season that qualifies as a genuine box office success, unless (unexpectedly) 1917, Ford v Ferrari, Little Women or A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood work a miracle. He could end up being a great contender (think of Bohemian Rhapsody), or he could end up with a single nod for Joaquin Phoenix. I imagine Warner Media will take the global total of $ 1 billion over the glory of the Oscars. It is the seventh largest world producer of the year, behind six films that are all releases of Disney and / or Marvel (Sony’s Spider-Man: Far from Home). Universal’s Hobbs & Shaw ($ 758 million worldwide) and (presumably) Sony’s Jumanji: The Next Level will fight for the title of the largest book collector that is not Disney or comics.