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Below Zero (Spanish: Bajosero) is a 2021 Spanish action film written by Fernando Navarro and Lluas Collage and starring Javier Gutierrez, Cara Elazade, Luis Clezzo and Patrick Criado.

Prison transport on lonely streets was brutally assaulted. Martin, the car the police were driving, survives and strengthens his position when people search for a way to finish him off.

Release date

29 January 2021

Below Zero Full Movie Official Trailer | Netflix


Cast Of Below Zero

  • Javier Gutiérrez as Martín
  • Karra Elejalde as Miguel
  • Luis Callejo as Ramis
  • Andrés Gertrúdix  as Golum
  • Isak Férriz as Montesinos
  • Édgar Vittorino   as Rei
  • Miquel Gelabert  as Pardo
  • Florin Opritescu as Mihai
  • Patrick Criado as Nano
  • Carla Chiorazzo as Bárbara
  • Eva Manjón as Elena
  • Ángel Solo
  • Marc Padró
  • Jon Rod
  • Àlex Monner as Chino (special collaboration)

Plot Of Below Zero

According to the headline, in the dark forest, a man is torturing another for information and burying him alive without knowing the location of the missing body.

Just changing the punctured tires of his car, police officer Martin detailed to drive the prisoner transport vehicle at night. On a lonely road, their truck is stopped by a spike strip. When escorting police officer Montesino went to check the situation in the equipped truck, he found their pilot car on the side of the road and two officers inside were shot dead. He later shot himself by a sniper from outside the dark jungle and later died of his injuries. Martin, who was driving the car, survived and entered the detainee’s department where he was convicted. The outside attacker, Miguel, in the cabin of the truck and through the intercom, indicates that he is specifically after a prisoner. Unable to open the bogies of the protected prisoners, he drove the truck into the icy lake.

Eventually it was a showdown in an abandoned village on the shores of the lake where Miguel revealed that he had lost his daughter to rape and murder and that her body had never been found. As soon as police support arrived, at the last minute Martin decided to withdraw from his law-abiding withdrawal and tortured Nano to find out the location of the disposed body of Miguel’s daughter.