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The year has started on a great note for Manoj Bajpayee with his film The Fable making it to Berlin Film Festival, the screenplay of Joram being a part of Academy library’s core collection and web project Killer Soup getting positive reviews. The actor says he is glad that people are finally noticing his choices, and acknowledging them.

Manoj Bajpayee Speaks About His Brave Choices

“These are the projects that I have been doing for many years. It makes me feel happy that they are getting noticed. Confidence is something with which I have been moving on with these choices. It’s not that the acknowledgement is giving me confidence. Because the conviction was always there. It’s now that people are welcoming the content that I am doing,” Bajpayee tells us.

The 54-year-old adds, “Today, people are appreciating the choices that I am making. These were the choices that I was very convinced about for many years. It is just now that people are appreciating it. I’m happy that they are waking up to those choices, and it comes with a great feeling”.

According to him, the choices started getting noticed just five years back, and credits the OTT space for the change.

“I have been at it for many years. But since the last five years, with the OTT space coming in, the audience and the festivals are opening up to my films. It is a matter of great pride. I feel grateful and happy for the team who have been roughing it out trying to make it possible”.

Opening up about his choices, The Family Man shares, “These are not the choices made for any other reason, but purely on the basis of the cinematic quality. It was not for the box office or for the money. After your film is released, even if it’s a loss or failure, you just move on. That is imbibed in my belief system. But I do hold on to my films and directors till the very end.”

When it comes to The Fable, it is the only film from India this year to compete in one of the key categories at the Berlin International Film Festival. It is directed by Raam Reddy.

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“It is a big start for the film. The film was planned many years back. When we started shooting it, the first lockdown was announced and then we had to cancel it… The film has gone through a lot of tests and trials… We are happy that the film has shaped up well, and that the quality of the film is validated by the Berlin Film Festival. It also means that from here the journey is going to be quite magnificent,” he ends.

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